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Hey! Are you ready for something 🎵 loud? Meet our Music Learning App.

Learn to play musical instruments!

Go to the Welcome 👋 screen to select a musical instrument 🎹🎻🎺 you want to play.

Choose your music 🎼 proficiency level on the second screen.

Now that the app knows your music level and preferences, it can generate a 🎶 learning program for you. The program includes both short classes and full courses held by professional teachers 👨‍🏫

Blue 💙 is the main color in this app. It symbolizes peace and safety. Other colors make the interface more vivid and attractive ✨✨✨

The AI generates your learning program based on your skills 👍👍👍 

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Interface by Maria Butina

Motion by Nikolai Tiunov

Purrweb UI/UX Studio
We Design Mindful Interfaces for Web & Mobile

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