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You never compromise. Isn't it time you used an essay editing service that works just as hard as you do? We think so too.

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Are you applying to college? Maybe you are writing the most important paper of your life? Perhaps you are busy crafting a scholarship essay? No matter the case, you need access to an essay editor you can trust. Well, you've certainly come to the right place! But, what exactly sets ServiceScape apart? Well, we pride ourselves on venturing far beyond the status quo. Once you've chosen your editing partner, your editor will begin by scrutinizing your work for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, sentence structure…the usual stuff. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's our job to make sure that your essay stands out, which is why we delve deeper to guarantee a more consistent flow with no repetition or confusing sentence structure. We guarantee a high-quality, engaging essay written with zero errors, delivered before you need it. Start browsing our talented and experienced team of essay editors now and see if you can find the right editor for your essay.

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Some of Our Top Essay Editors


1,996 Client Reviews
78,278 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in English from the University of Nebraska

Starting at $7.95 USD per page

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459 Client Reviews
18,153 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in Communications from Pennsylvania State University

Starting at $5.95 USD per page

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6,818 Client Reviews
259,529 Pages Edited

M.A. in TESOL Education from the University of North Carolina

Starting at $9.95 USD per page

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2,876 Client Reviews
79,200 Pages Edited

Senior Editor for Reader's Digest

Starting at $11.00 USD per page

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1,275 Client Reviews
45,608 Pages Edited

Copy Editor at McGraw-Hill Publishing

Starting at $7.95 USD per page

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953 Client Reviews
60,056 Pages Edited

B.S. in Print Journalism from Emerson College

Starting at $6.00 USD per page

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4,369 Client Reviews
234,321 Pages Edited

Ph.D. in History from the University of Virginia

Starting at $8.95 USD per page

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1,902 Client Reviews
65,109 Pages Edited

M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University

Starting at $14.00 USD per page

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"Once again, my editor went the extra mile for me and produced an excellent, well edited document."
"Fantastic edits! Really made me think of things that I hadn't considered. Thank you SO much!!!"
"Timely and helpful. Well done. As a professor, this will help me get my paper published."
"My editor did an excellent and thorough job editing the first two chapters of my novel. Great work."
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4.90 out of 5 · Over 3,000 Reviews
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You need an essay that flawlessly conveys your ideas in the most compelling way possible. It is written as well as you can write it, but you are not confident that this version should be the final version. Put your trust in us. We've been doing this for years, and have thousands of repeat clients who can attest to our abilities. We want to make sure your essay captivates your audience. Our editors will analyze your essay, enhance its readability and flow, and redefine its potential. Allow us to add the finishing touch to make sure that all of your hard work pays off.

What if you need your essay edited now? No problem. Just use our Express Delivery service and your chosen editor will deliver your edited document fast – usually in less than an hour – without any compromise on quality.

So, how can you get started?

Simply start browsing for your essay editor as soon as you are ready. Once you've found someone who fits your needs, you can send your editor a message or hire the professional right then and there. Your editor will keep in touch with you throughout the entire process…even afterwards to find out how it's going! We never fail to pay attention to our clients' individual needs. We also pride ourselves on making the whole process easy for you.

An essay is more than just words

We understand that you've worked hard to achieve a certain "voice" in your writing. Don't worry – we won't lose this. We'll simply enhance it, refine it, and shape it into what your readers want to read. You've worked hard to make your essay great. Are you ready to work together to turn it up a notch? Start your search to find your perfect match now – courtesy of ServiceScape!

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