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SimplyHired's free benefits tools help you track enrollment and costs across plans, saving you time and effort

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Your company's benefits

all in one place

Always know who's enrolled in benefits

It's easy to see who's opted in or waived benefits, so you're always in the clear.

Allow employees to track their benefits

Make it simple for employees to track their benefit elections.

Know what benefits are costing you

Always know the cost associated with onboarding a new employee with benefits.

Keeping track of employee benefits should be easy

With our benefits tracking feature, you'll be able to clearly review the benefit plans (medical, dental, vision and more) your employees are enrolled in with our user friendly design.

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Employees should be able to review their own benefit elections

The user friendly experience extends to employee accounts as well. Users will be able to review their own benefit elections, saving you having to answer enquiries from your employees.

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Knowing how much a company is spending on benefits per employee is important

The reporting tools in our benefits feature will allow you to easily see a breakdown of the costs associated with your benefit plans. You’ll be able to split up the breakdown however you like - cost for the company vs employee, cost per plan, etc.

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Benefits have never been easier

We'll take care of HR processes so you can take care of your people.

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