Visualizing your organization is now accessible to your entire team

Make it easy for your team to visualize your company structure with an org chart that automatically updates to show new hires and promotions as they happen.

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Organizational charts

made accessible

Your company at a glance

Give employees the deep dive they need into your company structure.

Real-time updates when you hire

Org charts automatically update as new employees are added.

Drill down into specific teams

Keep your employees in the know as you grow your teams.

Employees should be able to see how everyone in the company is connected

Our org chart will make it easy for all employees to see how they fit within the organization. Employees can do a quick review of the org chart to get a high level understanding of the company or take a more thorough look at other employee profiles to learn more about their team members.

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Save time by never manually updating an org chart again

Your org chart will never be out of date again when you use our HRIS. When you add a new employee, change a job title, add a promotion or anything else, your org chart will automatically update for all employees.

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Always up to date org charts that are easy to read and understand

Our user friendly org chart makes it easy to understand the hierarchy of a company. Employees can easily navigate through different teams to view team personnel and structure, gaining a stronger knowledge of their company.

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