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Free time off tracking tools to simplify managing your workforce's PTO

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Holidays? PTO?

We've got you covered

Request and approve time off

We've removed the guess work from keeping track of employee time off.

Keep track of upcoming vacations

Never be surprised with an upcoming vacation.

Create transparent time off policies

It's easy to create a policy your team can adhere to that can grow over time.

Keeping track of employee time off should be easy

Our time off feature automatically calculates and tracks time off hours for each employee based on time off policies you create for your team members. You'll no longer need to track time off in a spreadsheet as our software will do all the work for you.

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Knowing when team members are taking days off is important

Employees should know when their team members are out of the office. Our time off calendar makes this simple to view which helps managers and team members organize their schedules.

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Creating fair time off policies for different employees is hard to maintain

Some employees accrue time off hours at different rates compared to others. Our time off feature allows admins to create policies that suit your company and employees with customizations available on length of tenure, carryover balance, max balance and more.

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Time off policies have never been easier

We'll take care of HR processes so you can take care of your people.

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