The FlexJobs Team – A Remote Company with a Great Culture

Our 100% remote team is made up of a fantastic group of intelligent, dedicated, and positive people who all share a passion for work flexibility—not just for ourselves, but for the millions of people who want and need jobs that better fit their lives! As we help employers in their recruiting efforts and job seekers in their job searches and career, it's critical to us to keep our core value of integrity at the heart of everything we do. And while we all work remotely from our home offices across the United States, that doesn't stop us from being a cohesive team, enjoying our jobs, and loving to help our clients!

Awards & Reviews

FlexJobs is proud to have been recognized by some outstanding organizations for operating with ethics and integrity, having an outstanding culture and effective workplace, and being a trusted and innovative name in the online employment industry.


Get to Know the FlexJobs Team

One of the most important things to know about the FlexJobs team is that we “walk the walk” when it comes to work flexibility… and we love it! We’ve all had jobs in our past that weren’t flexible, and we understand how rough it can be. That’s why we’re so dedicated to helping others find flexible jobs that make their lives better, too.

Other things to know are that we work incredibly hard, value our work-life balance, believe integrity is critical, and always keep our focus on what is best for our users. As a team, part of our success comes from celebrating our diverse backgrounds, experiences, preferences, and personalities. We have a lot of differences among us, and we love how we all come together to make up one very happy team. To get to know a bit more about us, check out the icons below:

Western United States

Central United States

Northeastern United States

Southern United States



Farm Animals


The People I Work With

The Culture

Helping People/Giving People Hope

Remote Company

Early Mornings Are My Jam

I Like a Pretty Traditional Schedule

I'm a Night Owl


Dual Monitors

Comfortable Chair


Perfect Desk

Can Be a Better Parent/Partner/

No Commute


Control Over My Environment

Wear Whatever I Want

Can’t Pick Just One


Chocolate & Other Sugary Goodness


I Keep It Healthy & Whole

I Don’t Snack During the Day

Whatever Is in Arm’s Reach

Me Time

Nice Bottle of Wine or Meal



$6 Cup of Coffee

Local School, Library, or Organization

Animal or Rescue Shelter

Social Issues

Random Acts of Kindness



Get Outside

Arts and Creative or DIY

Be Active

Spend Time with Friends and Family

Watch TV





Military Spouse

Quality of Life

10+ Years

5-9 Years

1-4 Years

Less Than 1

4+ hours

2-3 hours

0-1 hours

Meet the Management Team

Sara Sutton

CEO and Founder
Boulder, CO

Peter Handsman


Josh Grossman

VP of Performance Marketing
Boston, MA

Carol Cochran

VP of People & Culture
Frisco, TX

Stephen Marcu

VP of Product Manager
Denver, CO

Kathy Gardner

VP of Communications
Newtown, CT

Kelly Kirby

Sr. Director of Job Research
Chicago, IL

Christine Sten

Director of Employer Sales & Marketing
Coeur d’Alene, ID

Melissa Yoches

Director of Product - B2C
Oakland, CA

Toni Frana

Career Services Manager and Coach
Niceville, FL

Mandi Brands

Manager of Client Services
Murfreesboro, TN

Whitney Reeds

Product Manager
Austin, TX

Ryan Glover

Product Analytics Manager
Firestone, CO

Jill Henry

Communications & Engagement Manager
Tulsa, OK

Jessica Howington

Sr. Content Manager
North Carolina

Greg Bebezas

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Strategist
Boston, MA

Julie Mahoney

Sr. Manager of Employer Engagement

Todd Van Etten

VP of Software Development
Carolina Beach, NC

Jim Donohoe

Principal Engineer

Chris Hill

QA Manager
Mission Viejo, CA

Leslie Du Clos

Sr. Project Manager
Roanoke, VA

Want to Join Our Team?

If you feel like you and FlexJobs might be a great fit for one another, please take a look at our job openings to see what we are currently hiring for!

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