October 19, 2021 is National Flex Day!

Find out how you can learn, support, and get involved.

3 Great Ways to Join in Events for National Flex Day!

Work flexibility is something that is needed or wanted by almost everyone at some point in their lives. To help raise awareness, and to help people learn more about what work flexibility can mean for them, we have several great ways you can be a part of National Flex Day-inspired events:

Career Coach Q&A on Flexible & Remote Work

To celebrate National Flex Day, FlexJobs is hosting a special one-hour question and answer session with our career coaching team!

Follow the Event on Facebook for More Activities

Stay in the loop and show that you think work flexibility is a good thing! We’ll be sharing interactive polls, stories, and more.

Win Prizes

Be on the lookout for sweepstakes celebrating National Flex Day on our Facebook page and our Article directory!

Help Raise Awareness

Use the National Flex Day badge to show that you believe work flexibility is a good thing! Post on social media alongside a comment about why you think work flexibility is important, or in a blog post about why work flexibility can/does help you or add it to your organization’s website.

Download the National Flex Day Badge

We are proud to join FlexJobs, 1 Million for Work Flexibility, and other leaders in support of work flexibility. We are passionate about work flexibility and understand its value for our country’s workers. Not only is it a smart and sustainable business strategy, flexible work arrangements are a powerful tool to benefit individuals in the workforce to lead better, happier, more balanced lives.

Learn More and Show Your Support

Visit 1 Million for Work Flexibility to find great resources, articles, and more from thought leaders and experts. Also, if you’re with an organization, consider sharing a statement of support or send a press release about why work flexibility is a strategic priority for your organization or company.

Share on Social Media!

  • Help spread awareness about National Flex Day on your favorite social media outlet by sharing what remote or more flexible work means (or would mean) to you!
  • Remember to tag us so we can help spread the word! #NationalFlexDay and tag @FlexJobs & @workflexibility.
  • Also, tag friends, family, or colleagues who you think might benefit from learning more about work flexibility!
  • Interactive social media polls on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts throughout the day.

Here are a couple of suggested messages to give you an idea:

Happy #NationalFlexDay on October 19th! I think we all need @workflexibility at some point in our careers. If you agree, I encourage you to learn more at https://lejardindesfleursrd.com/flexjobs/national-flex-day! @flexjobs #worklife

I support more @workflexibility because I want to reduce the stress between life and family responsibilities, spend less time on my commute, and have more time to take care of myself and my loved ones! What’s your reason? #nationalflexday @flexjobs #worklife

Resources to Help You Achieve More Work Flexibility in Your Own Life

• Explore the FlexJobs Blog

• Visit 1 Million for Work Flexibility