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Today host Jenna Bush Hager wears feather boa during wild girls’ night out

THE TODAY Show host Jenna Bush Hager has worn a feather boa with her friends during a night out.

She posted photos of her and her group out at the Harry Styles concert in New York City.

Jenna Bush Hager and her friends wore feather boas during a wild girls night outCredit: Instagram/jennabhager
They went to Harry Styles' last show in his Madison Square Garden ResidencyCredit: Instagram/jennabhager

Jenna posted two photos to her Instagram story on Wednesday night.

She and four friends attended the last show in Harry's Madison Square Garden residency.

The host reposted the photo from her friend, Julie, who joined her at the concert.

The five women stood huddled together with smiles on their faces and feather boas around their necks, which Harry provided for everyone who came.

One of her friends had multi-colored glasses on and Jenna wore a simple black outfit.

The mother-of-three captioned the snap with rainbow hearts and Harry and his band could be seen in the background.

Jenna also posted a closer photo of the former One Direction member singing on the screen as they could be seen on the stage below.

Harry wrapped up his historic 15 nights at MSG on Wednesday and will take his Love On Tour to Texas, Illinois, and California, before going international once again.


Jenna is clearly a big fan of Harry, having gone to his last residency show and by the way she acted around him on The TODAY Show.

Back in May, the 28-year-old had hit up the morning show to perform songs from his latest album, Harry's House, and viewers though the anchors’ love for him got out of hand.

During the broadcast, Hoda Kotb, 57, and Jenna, 40, showed just how much they love Harry, as they were unable to contain their excitement around him.

Fans, though, didn’t find it fun or endearing and instead blasted them for “thirsting” over him.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “My mom watching the today show…and Hoda and Jenna while Harry performs???? weird behavior tbh.”

Another blasted the hosts and the show, saying: “The ‘you know he likes older women… it’s my shot’ commentary in the Story was uncalled for. 

“Imagine a male correspondent saying that about a female artist all while standing next to a child. 

“No need to sexualize Harry while he’s there promoting an album.”

A third called them out for being so “giddy” around Harry the whole time they were interviewing him and while he was performing on the show.

The pair’s gushing over Harry continued into Today’s 3rd Hour.

At the top of the broadcast, the two couldn’t stop going back and forth about how great and wonderful the entertainer is.

Even while interviewing Ricky Gervais on the show, they still brought the singer back up, with Hoda saying that “there’s just something about him.”

Jenna added, “Yeah, he’s very sexy.”

She then asked the comedian: “Did you see what he was wearing?”

The co-host let out a whistle before explaining that he had on a “unitard” for his appearance. 

Fans once again blasted the duo for it, with one tweeting: “Hoda & Jenna absolutely feral over Harry rn... we get it babes.”

Another wrote: “No hoda and jenna are literally in love with Harry and can’t stop talking about him.”

A third commented: “Watching Hoda and Jenna Bush gushing over Harry is so funny.”

Others specifically called out Jenna this time around, saying the way she “talks about Harry is so weird.”

They added: “Not Jenna saying Harry called her a cougar when he was 18.”


Jenna came under fire again just this week when she and Hoda fawned over The Bachelorette star, Tyler Cameron.

The TODAY show hosts sat down with the Bachelorette alum on Thursday during the show's third hour.

Tyler, 29, was a part of the pair's Relationship Dilemmas segment to provide viewers with his dating advice.

Hoda and Jenna teased their feelings about their guest on their official Instagram page.

In the reel, Hoda acted like she was trying to gauge Jenna's attention on the day's schedule, but the 40-year-old's eyes were elsewhere.

The frame then panned over Tyler, who adjusted the fit of his suit jacket while smiling at the camera.

The post included the words: "When Tyler Cameron is in the studio..." with a pair of eye and fire emojis.

The song, Confident, by Justin Bieber played in the background to tease their lack of "focus" on work with the Bachelor nation star in the building.

They captioned it: "Don’t ask us what color @tylerjcameron3 was wearing…"

Some fans online slammed the women for ogling the reality TV star.

"Please do better. What if the tables were turned? Outcry! Please, I'm getting so tired of this. Not funny.

"Did you book him for his talent or because he looks good? This would not fly well if it were two men and one woman," one person commented.

"I totally agree and don’t understand why they are still getting away with it," chimed in another.

Jenna and Hoda were slammed for thirsting over Harry earlier this year when he performed on the showCredit: Getty
The co-hosts also recently thirsted over Bachelorette star, Tyler CameronCredit: Getty Images - Getty
Jenna took some time away from her husband and three kids to have a girls night outCredit: Instagram