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THE TODAY Show meteorologist Al Roker has been caught glaring at his co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Craig Melvin in an awkward moment on live TV.

During the pop culture segment, Savannah and Craig started singing a Whitney Houston song - and Al was clearly not entertained.

The TODAY Show co-host had a fun time on the show as they sang a Whitney Houston songCredit: NBC
Al Roker was not having a good time and did not participate in the singingCredit: NBC

On Thursday's show, Sheinelle Jones led a segment on the late Whitney Houston.

The stage adaptation of her hit movie The Bodyguard is returning to theaters and the show played a clip of her singing her classic hit, I Will Always Love You.

For the film's 30th anniversary, The Bodyguard will be back in theaters for two days in November.

This comes just one month before the premiere of the Whitney Houston biopic.

"Can you sing I'm Every Woman?" Savannah asked Craig, after the segment ended.

They started singing and having a great time until Craig saw Al's face.

He did not smile and looked at the camera with a serious expression.

"No?" Craig asked Al as the meteorologist glared at him.

When the Today co-hosts went on to talk about The Bodyguard, Al did not participate and sat quietly, looking like he just wanted to topic to be over.


This isn't the first time Craig has been shut down by Al.

Earlier this month, right before Al left to go on vacation, he returned to the show to talk with his co-hosts about their Summer highlights.

Al, Craig, Sheinelle, and Dylan Dreyer all sat behind the hosts' desk.

They all ate pizza and laughed as Sheinelle started off the segment.

"So, here's the thing, we all wanted to share the highlights of our summer because it's the end of the summer," she said.

"We've talked about this before. Sometimes you have pictures on your phone and you say 'Oh, I'm going to print them out or put them in a book' and you don't do anything with them, but let's talk about the highlights or maybe one highlight."

"Why don't we start with you?" Craig interrupted.

Sheinelle responded: "No the prompter says Dylan."

Al spoke up and said: "No, no. We've got our graphics kind of lined up."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Craig said, holding onto a mug.

Al dissed his co-anchor by saying with a serious face: "Have you just started this show?"

"No. I just thought it would be whimsical," Craig said with a shrug.


Despite his not-so-sunny disposition towards his co-hosts sometimes, Al is actually going through a lot right now.

He had fans worried after he posted a video about his medical struggles.

Al took to his Instagram on Saturday to update his followers about his health.

"I've been on vacation for a few weeks, then back to work," he said as he walked down a street in New York.

Wearing a baseball cap and Oswego state shirt, the 68-year-old continued: "But also, I kind of tweaked my knee a little bit on vacation, so I had to lay off walking a bit."

"Uh, I got x-rays and everything like that and the doc said, probably in the next six months to a year have my left knee, which was replaced about 18 years ago, re-replaced."

He let Today Show fans know that he can still walk and do things, but he is still nursing it and walking a bit slower.

"Don't overdo it. Do what you can and don't go crazy," he encouraged his followers.

Al then teased at the end that there is a big announcement coming up that is "very amusing" and fans should "stay tuned."

He would reveal more around the beginning of October.

Fans wished him well in the comments after some thought he retired from the show.

Al usually participates in the PopStart chatCredit: Getty
Al also shut down Craig during a segment earlier this monthCredit: Getty
The meteorologist might have to have his knee re-replaced in a few months after an injury on vacationCredit: Alamy