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drives me mad

I’m sick of my neighbour constantly parking on my drive so I got the best revenge – they won’t do it again

A MUM decided to get the best revenge after finding her neighbour's car parked in her drive.

The maddened parent, who claimed to only have popped out for a quick trip, explained what had happened on the popular forum, Mumsnet.

The furious mum took it to Mumsnet to explain the situationCredit: Getty

"I've just popped out for ten minutes, I came home and there’s a car parked on my drive.

"I live in a busy walking area, but there’s tons of street parking available, so no idea why they’ve used my drive rather than using that."

According to the post, she responded by blocking the offender in with her own vehicle.

However, the joys of revenge didn't last very long, as she then immediately started feeling guilty about her actions, realising she was also blocking two of her neighbours' driveways.

"Good news is I’ve parked them in. The bad news is that none of my neighbours (two houses) can get their cars on the drive now and I’m guessing it’s one of their friends."

In the post, which has since received floods of comments, the woman also shared a diagram layout of the road arrangement.

"I’ve attached a diagram (of course)," she said.

"I’m house one and the X is the random car parked on my drive.

"Neighbours are two and three - and have their own drives/parking spaces (both empty).

''My car is the *, so it’s blocking everyone at the moment!"

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Turning to fellow users of the site for advice, she pleaded for an outside response.

"If it's one of your neighbours' friends surely they would have told them not to park on your drive – you are not being unreasonable," one user assured the mum.

A second penned: "Good, hopefully they will be back before you have to go out again.''

Someone else wrote: "This happened to a friend of mine – it turned out to be a stolen car that had been dumped.

''I’d give the non emergency police a call just in case personally."

A fourth thought: You’re completely unreasonable to block access for your neighbours, no matter who’s parked on your driveway.''

The woman had also attached a diagram in the postCredit: Mumsnet