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Inside Jeff Bezos’ Orbital Reef space station that will feature in ‘space-storm’ sci-fi movie in 2023

JEFF Bezos' futuristic space station will be the setting for an epic science fiction film slated to start production in 2023.

Bezos' private space company Blue Origin is developing the Orbital Reef, a mixed-use space station designed for both scientific exploration and commercial purposes.

The Orbital Reef design was approved by Nasa in August 2022Credit: AFP or licensors
Bezos made a cameo appearance in the 2016 film Star Trek BeyondCredit: AFP - Getty
The film was announced at the 73rd International Astronautical CongressCredit: Orbital Reef/Centerboro Productions
The Orbital Reef will be assembled in space throughout the late 2020s and 2030sCredit: Orbital Reef

The film, called HELIOS, will feature two astronauts charged with going to the International Space Station after its been disturbed by a solar flare in the year 2030.

“We teamed up with Blue Origin to give moviegoers a thrilling, but realistic depiction of the future of living and working in space and a coordinated response to a space weather emergency,” the film's producer and writer Patricia A. Beninati said in a Blue Origin press release.

The HELIOS crew will rely on Orbital Reef's next-generation technology in the movie.

It's unknown if any of the film will be captured in space.

HELIOS producer John Lewis said “In an era where science fiction films are abundant, we decided early on that we wanted to make a film that was authentic in technology and demonstrates true solutions available to humanity in such a time of crisis,” in the same press release.

Bezos' push to give his company's a stronger presence in the media industry has been noticeable.

Amazon Prime became the primary streamer of Thursday Night Football this season and the company's studio spent over $700million on its Lord of the Rings prequel series.

The Orbital Reef appearing in the HELIOS film will bring the breadth of Amazon to screen in a new way and perhaps act as a glitzy advertisement for potential space tourism customers.

If the film is a success, the Orbital Reef could join the Millenium Falcon and the Starship Enterprise as famed movie spacecraft - except Orbital Reef will be real one day.

“Orbital Reef bridged the gap we needed between science fiction and reality," executive producer Robert Feierbach said.

"I’m proud HELIOS will showcase what is realistically feasible and possible with technology that our industry is developing in space, providing continued benefits for all humankind.”

Blue Origin hopes to have Orbital Reef space station operational by 2027 and the observatory's design recently green lit by Nasa.

The privately-owned space station will be accessible to space touristsCredit: Blue Origin