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Mum divides opinion after photographing women in dressing gowns shopping in Asda and saying she’s ‘mortified’ for them

A MUM caused a split in opinions after photographing a pair of Asda shoppers in their dressing gowns.

The shocked mum said she was "mortified" for the two cosy women after snapping them outside the supermarket in Hull.

A mum photographed a pair of shoppers walking into Asda in their dressing gownsCredit: MEN Media
She described the scenes as bizarre and mortifying and couldn't understand why anyone would shop in their nightwearCredit: MEN Media

Her photo shows the comfy pals walking into the Asda store on Beverley Road just after 5pm, Hull Live reports.

One can be seen wearing a fluffy blue gown while the other dons a hooded grey number.

But while both appeared to complete their look with a practical pair of leggings and trainers, the baffled mum said she "couldn't believe" the "bizarre" outfits.

Uploading the photo online, she wrote: "I just popped into the little Asda on Beverley Road after work, it was just before 5pm and two women were walking towards the store in their pyjamas and dressing gowns.

"I couldn't believe it.

"If you are still in your pyjamas at that time of day that's your business but to go to the shops like that is just bizarre."

She added: "I would be mortified if someone saw me out and about in my pyjamas. They didn't even look embarrassed or anything."

Users were quick to comment, with many agreeing the looks were inappropriate.

One woman said: "I've see lots of women dropping off their children at school in their slippers as well, some in PJ's and slippers.

"There is no excuse."

Another said: "They're just lazy."

Others, however, couldn't understand the issue, with one person writing: "Why does she actually care?"

Another said: "Judgement not needed - this is what's wrong with the world."

Someone else wrote: "They're not controlled by society... good on em."

A fourth added: "I don't think it's anyone else's business how someone chooses to go to the shop.

"They covered up what's the problem? How do you know what kind of night or morning they have had?"