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NAKED Attraction viewers were left open-mouthed after the contestants were forced to perform a seriously embarrassing challenge.

The Channel 4 show was back on our screens on Thursday night with dog handler Nico hoping to find her perfect partner.

Naked Attraction fans were left open-mouthed by a seriously embarrassing challenge
The contestants had to walk an imaginary dog

As her potential matches started to be revealed in their coloured boxes, host Anna Richardson asked them to take part in a bizarre challenge.

Anna asked them to walk imaginary dogs in honour of Nico's profession, complete with leads.

They also had to dance and show off their best moves to try and impress dog-lover Nico.

Naked Attraction viewers were baffled by the moment, with one writing on Twitter: "There’s sexy, then there’s weird, then there’s just wrong!"

Another added: "What the hell?"

In the end, she chose Gemma as she loved her confidence.

However, Gemma shocked viewers during her date when she showed off her party trick.

In the middle of a restaurant, she stood up, placed her hands inside her top and clapped her breasts together loudly.

Taking to Twitter, a shocked viewer wrote: "Did um…did that woman just stand up in the middle of a restaurant and clap her t**s together?"

A second added: "Other drinkers watching her ‘t** clapping’ in the bar…"

A third asked: "How on earth is there another series of Naked Attraction. This show is mental! How do these people get back to their day jobs after doing this?"

Viewers couldn't believe the challenge the naked women faced

Naked Attraction airs Thursdays at 10pm on Channel 4.