Beverage of the Week

Beverage of the Week: Sure, I haven't had a Blue Moon in a while, why not?

Blue Moon's got a new hazy IPA. Trying it made me go back to the original to test my nostalgia.

Beverage of the Week: Zwickelbiers deserve a bigger following, so here comes Radeberger

Radeberger makes a solid German lager. And Clausthaler's non-alcoholic beers are almost good enough to forget they're booze-less.

Beverage of the Week: Firestone Walker's Oaktoberfest is one of the best märzens I've ever had

The oak is subtle but ultimately lifts this beer to new heights. Firestone Walker may make my favorite Oktoberfest.

Beverage of the Week: Sam Adams is a good airport beer but that's about it

Sam Adams rose from the primordial ooze of the US beer scene to become a powerhouse. Do their beers still hold up?

Beverage of the Week: High Noon is coming for that tailgate market and the results are... fine

High Noon's new flavors don't add much to the lineup. But they're still better than most seltzers.


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