College Football Cocktails

In honor of the Brown-Rhode Island game, let's drink two beautiful Ocean State messes

Brown plays Rhode Island this weekend. Let's celebrate the greatest local cuisine in America with coffee milk-based booze.

In honor of Karl Dorrell, I made a proud Colorado tradition worse

I took a classic Colorado tradition and made it worse. Just like Karl Dorrell.

The Tropical Pepper might be better than Texas A&M-Miami deserves

Dr. Pepper. Rum. Vodka. Pineapple. Coconut... coffee creamer? Well, if it works, it works.

Washington State-Wisconsin deserves proper tribute to the gameday drinking gods

A proper cocktail for the drunkest possible Rose Bowl matchup. The best of Pullman and Madison in one drink.

If the Backyard Brawl were a cocktail, it'd definitely burn all the way down

Mountain Dew, moonshine and a little bit of fire in honor of Pittsburgh-West Virginia renewing their hate vows.


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